Why choose Titanium rings?


Our Guide To Titanium 

Choosing a ring outside of the traditional gold or silver is now becoming a much more sought after option with soaring prices of gold and silver in todays modern world many of us are looking for an alternative and it's an option you should consider. Titanium and other alternative metals have been on the rise in past years if you are just searing around for now or in the market for something truly incredible with an even better price tag that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime then Titanium may be the option for you. Let's break it down.



What is Titanium? 

Well let's not get too overwhelmed shall we, Titanium or Ti on the periodic table is a super lightweight durable metal. 

Titanium doesn't tarnish from air water or salt, it's an extremely poor conductor of heat and electricity (good news if you're a sparky) it is by no means scratch proof but it is scratch resistant! compare that of a gold ring which will look amazing when you receive it but give it a week and you'll be wishing you had some scratch resistant properties but hey it's not like i will tell you i told you so! 

Titanium is graded on a scale of 1-5 for its hardness or as we call it Rockwell for you technical people out there. Grade 5 Titanium is tough... no i really mean it, this stuff is hard but its mainly used in engineering where as ring makers like ourselves we use CP Grade 2 Titanium, Basically meaning that the Titanium we use is 99% commercially pure and perfect to sit proudly upon your finger good sir.

5 Juicy Ti facts to Lighten your day (see what i did there?... light, Titanium's light.. no? okay i'll just start) 

      1. Titanium rings are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. Materials used in some gold and silver rings will cause their wearer to develop a rash making them unable to wear their ring. With titanium wedding bands, you will not experience this problem.
      2. Titanium is commonly used in space shuttles due to it's fantastic heat absorbing properties and strength to weight ratio. ROCKET METAL ON YOUR FINGER! 
      3. Titanium is used for medical implants because it so rarely rejected by the human body. 
      4. Titanium is 4x harder than silver 3x harder than gold and 2x harder than platinum! 
      5. Titanium is shatter proof it will not chip or crack.

Care & Cleaning 

If we have convinced you enough to choose titanium over gold then you'll want to know how to maintain your ring and keep it looking tip-top so we have put together a nice quick and easy care & cleaning Guide. 

  • Place your Titanium ring in a warm bowl and add some dish soap.
  • leave to soak for 5 minutes. 
  • Agitate dirt thats on your ring with a soft cloth.
  • Remove from the bowl and dry with microfibre cloth provided with your ring.

Re Polishing

It couldn't be more simple, give us a call or drop us an email to book it in to be re polished. Send us the ring via the post. We will then polish the ring to its original shine within 48hrs and have it back on your finger in no time. 




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