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Our Guide To Ring Sizing

Fingers. How do we size them? Do i use numbers... Letters? I don't know where to start! 

Why do rings fit sometimes and then loose other times? 

Our hands go through so many changes every single day some days our ring can be perfect and snug and others it feels like it's going to fall off the importance of finding the correct size is imperative when buying a ring. Our fingers can be effected in so many ways from hot and cold temperatures, by what season it is, what we eat, how hydrated we are, they're are a lot of factors that come into place when it comes to sizing a finger but we have put together this comprehensive guide to give you all the information you need to ensure you get the size you need. 

Here is a crazy fact for you! your fingers on your right hand can actually be up to an entire size bigger than your left! 


So how do we size your fingers? 

Well you can purchase a Raven District Ring Sizer HERE our ring sizers are accurate and comfortable with all half sizes and full sizes included going up to a whopping size 17! Our ring sizers are measured in US Numerical Sizing, why when we are a Uk based company? well US sizing is the most globally recognised and as we ship all around the world we use the sizing thats the most common around the world. 

What about if i know my size but its in letters not numbers? 

Again it couldn't be more simple, but you have two options. 

  1. Drop us an email at which you can find on our contact page HERE with the size you want us to convert and we will happily let you know your converted size. 
  2. Head on over to the Official International Ring Sizing Chart and convert the sizing yourself. ( We are not to be held responsible if you read the chart wrong) 

Ring Width

Ring Widths are a little more difficult to measure but it's still relatively quite easy. if you have what we would class as small hands a size 8 or smaller then an 8mm Ring would be too large on your finger and would be uncomfortable to wear. so we would recommend a 6mm ring.

If your fingers are larger than a size 8 then you can choose any width you like. 




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